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A smart choice for Vehicle and the Environment

Key benefits of WindGreen AdBlue®

Protects SCR Systems

The purity of WindGreen AdBlue is closely monitored and controlled, it does not damage SCR Systems

Reduces fuel consumption

WindGreen AdBlue reduces fuel consumption up to 7% - without reducing engine output

Reduces Exhaust Emissions

The amount of NOX in exhaust gas can be reduced by 85% - 95%.

Environment friendly

WindGreen AdBlue is fully biodegradable and does not pollute water and soil.

Emission standards

WindGreen AdBlue help vehicle comply with BS IV and above Emission Standards

Long Shelf Life

WindGreen AdBlue has shelf life at least 12 months when stored under recommended conditions.

Delivered in Liquid Form

As WindGreen AdBlue is supplied in liquid form, it's easy to store and deploy.

Less Carbon footprints

WindGreen AdBlue is committed to take a further step towards less carbon footprints.

For Wide Range Diesel Engines

WindGreenAdBlue® can be deployed in all diesel engines that feature SCR technologies  in BS IV / EURO 4 or higher compliment engines – including those in buses, trucks, ships, cars, stationary and mobiles power plants, and mining, construction and agriculture vehicles.  WindGreen AdBlue® is tested according to the relevant ISO 22241 standards.

WindGreen AdBlue®

WindGreen AdBlue® is highly purified colorless liquid. It contains demineralized water and urea. AdBlue is used in diesel engine vehicle & Machineries with SCR technology. It is also known as AUS 32, DEF or ARLA 32. WindGreen AdBlue®  reduces harmful NOx emission as de?ned in BS IV / EURO 4 Norm and above.

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